Al Ahli Super Gypsum Powder

AlAhli super gypsum powder is a super-fine white material that is made by mining, crushing, heating and processing natural gypsum. When mixed with water, it makes a slurry which can be formed in different shape. Al Ahli super gypsum renders a smooth and shiny finish and can be used for construction and decoration.

Common applications:

Al Ahli gypsum plaster is used in a variety of industries. Here are some of the most common:

  • Used for making gypsum decor specifically glass reinforced gypsum (GRG) moldings and precast such as cornice, dome, arch, cladding, column to name a few
  • Used as protective coating on wall and ceiling
  • Used in manufacturing gypsum board, drywalls and ceiling tiles
  • Used as fire-proofing and insulating material in buildings

Below are main features and advantages of Al Ahli gypsum powder:

  • Unrivaled superior whiteness
  • Made of high-purity natural gypsum
  • Free of shrinkage or cracks
  • Excellent bonding and workability
  • Compatible with all types of paints
  • Very smooth and shiny finish
  • Conforms with international standards ASTM C471, DIN 1168 & BS 1191

20 KG bag, 30KG bag & bulk jumbo bag


Technical & Physical Parameters


93.5 % (WSB1-Meter)

Initial setting time (knife)

7 min

Final setting time

16 min

Water to powder ratio


Passing 200 mesh sieve

98 %

Compressive strength (2h)

6 N/mm2

Flexural strength(2h)

2.9 N/mm2

Dry bulk density

770 kg/m3 (max)

Chemical composition