About Us

AlAhli Trading Co. had its inception in UAE in1982. The company`s long-lasting objectives included supplying market with construction materials, with exclusive focus on gypsum products branded AlAhli. The company started working by launching packaging factory, importing top-notch gypsum products in bulk from reputable foreign suppliers. goods that after repacking would be sold back to local clients, this trend lasted until 2006. The company then relocated to Hamriyah Free Zone in 2006. Local traders and dealers have abundant demand for cheap and low-quality products. But despite this, company has never been willing to muddy its name and reputation for more profit.

The organization has always maintained long-term objectives toward the market. thus, to ensure its survival as well as prosperity, it has made supplying top-quality material an indispensable part of system. Thanks to two-decade-long presence in UAE market as well as top-quality materials, AlAhli brand has succeeded in gaining customers` trust. Thus ensuring the company a top place in the competition and a generous share of the market. The company plans to add a series of new products to its product list in 2022.

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