All purpose joint compound

Ready mixed Joint Filler and Finishing Compound

Alahli joint compound is a high performance premixed compound. this product is used for embedded joint tapes, beads and finishing of Gypsum panel joints. This compound offers superior working quality and has a good crack resistance due to its excellent bond.  Alahli joint compound  gives the smoothest of finishes with minimum efforts. Its formulation ensures a professional /quality drywall finish every time.
Under ASTM C475 and ASTM D3273 .


Alahli Ready-Mix is an Air-Drying ready to use jointing compound for plasterboard finishing at vertical & horizontal joints. It is also used for filling the uneven gaps, small cut-outs and finishing of the internal and external corner joints.
Weight: 28 Kg pail

How to use it?

First Coat

  • Using an applicator / Trowel, fill the recess formed by the edges of the sheets with Alahli joint compound.
  • Centre the paper tape along the joint and using a Taping knife / Trowel. Press the tape down into the Alahli joint compound ensuring no air bubble remain behind the tape.
  • Immediately apply a thin coat of Alahli joint compound over the surface of the tape (100-150 mm wide).
    Allow it to dry.

Second Coat

  • Apply a second coat of Alahli joint compound with an Applicator / Trowel.
  • Ensure that this coat extends outside the area of the first coat (200-250 mm wide).
  • Allow to thoroughly dry and scrape back any build-up of compound along the joint.

Third Coat

  • Apply a finishing coat of Alahli joint compound with an Applicator / Trowel.
  • Joint edges should be feathered at least 50 mm beyond the edges of the previous coat.
  • Allow to dry. Lightly sand in the same direction as the joint using finer sandpaper.

A versatile all-purpose joint compound providing professional-grade performance.

ALAHLI Brand All Purpose Joint Compound Recommended for laminating and repairing cracks in interior plaster and masonry not subject to moisture. This compound features great open time and cold bond, and has smooth and slick properties.

  • Great bond, hard–finish surface.
  • Excellent for skim coating, embedding tape and for filling, finishing.
  • For use with Alahli Brand Mold Tough Panels to achieve a mold-resistant system.
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Ready-To-Work Product-Water Not Needed

Ready-To-Work Product-Water Not Needed

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Air Drying

Saves Time


Excellent Workability


Smooth High-Quality Finish

Smooth High-Quality

Zero/ Minimum Wastage And Reuse Of Bucket

Zero/ Minimum Wastage
And Reuse Of Bucket


Technical & Physical Parameters


Al Ahli

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