FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

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What is mesh?

The term mesh is used to describe particle size.

What is the size of super micronized plaster?

Super micronized plaster has a mesh of 200 and is much softer than micronized plaster.

What is the size of micronized plaster?

Micronized plaster mesh is usually very high and reaches about 100.

What are the units for measuring particle size?

Mesh, or gradation, is a unit for measuring particle size.

What has the size of the mesh been based on in the past?

In the past, the size of the meshes was given based on the number of holes per inch.

What is the mesh unit used for?

This unit is often used to determine the particle size distribution of materials in the form of powders or granules.

What are the characteristics of a high mesh plaster?

Higher purity and mesh create soft and ductile plaster that can easily be used for delicate decorations and plasterwork.

Name a major company that produce gypsum powder in UAE?

Gypsum powder in UAE is mainly produced by a few major companies. such as Gulf Gypsum Industries, which is part of the Al Ahli International Group.